Chartering a New Club

Chartering a new club is exciting. There are various kinds of clubs, but the general principle of chartering is the same. Below are the milestones in this process. Take one step at a time, that’s how we finish any great journey!


    1. Initial Contact
    2. Lauch Meeting
    3. New Club Application
    4. Chartering Ceremony

Milestone 1: Initial Contact

Step 1: Nuture the Lead

Before the contact: if it’s a company or an organization, look them up on LinkedIn. Gather as much information as you can to be prepared. Be prepared to answer questions. You may start with New Clubs FAQs.

Be on-time. It’s highly recommend that you have a partner to attend this appointment together—if anything last minute comes up, at least one of you can still attend the appointment.

At the appointment, you have 3 tasks:

    1. Collect information: Find out who they are, why they want to have a Toastmasters club, when they plan to have the meetings. (It’s common that they don’t have all the answers. You can follow up again on the next appointment. The information is important, as we will use this to look for sponsors and mentors accordingly.)
    2. Inform: Explain that we’d like them to gather 30+ attendants for a launch meeting (Schedule this as soon as possible.)
    3. Close the deal: Help them see the value in Toastmasters for their staff, and close by scheduling a Launch Meeting to introduce Toastmasters to their office.
Step 2: Support the lead