Club Leadership Training


    • Club Leadership Training (CLT) takes place twice per year:
      • CLT from 1 June and 31 August and
      • Advanced CLT (ACLT) from 1 November through to 28 February.
    • Club Officers are required to attend both a CLT and an ACLT session.
    • Minimum of four (4) Club Officers are required to attend.
    • Ideally all seven (7) Club Officers should attend and are recognised by the District through special awards for attending the CLT, ACLT and both CLT and ACLT sessions. Clubs that do have a high attendance record tend to be ones that have longevity by giving back what they learned to their members.
    • CLT/ACLT sessions are for all Club Officers, whether the Club Officer is brand new or a seasoned Toastmaster.


    • The more experienced Club Officers contribute to the new members.
    • New members bring fresh ideas and perspectives to training.
    • Network with other Club Officers and those in your Area.

Registration and Recognition

    • Attendance is recorded and submitted to Toastmasters International which gets updated as having attended.
    • It is important to record who attended and send those to the PQD asap; including those from other Districts (please note District Name so the PQD can email the information to their District’s PQD).
    • Recognition for attending CLT will go towards leadership awards as part of the education program to achieve a DTM for members.
    • Recognition for attending CLT also goes towards the Distinguished Club Program Goals (DC). Club Officers must have attended both sessions to be recognised and have a minimum of four (4) club officers attend both sessions.


    • CLT/ACLT Train-the-Trainer sessions will be conducted to help those qualified to conduct CLT/ACLT training.
    • If you would like to become a trainer for the CLT/ACLT sessions, please contact the Leadership Institute Chair at
    • There is plenty of support and resources available for CLT/ACLT presenters.
    • For details about CLT visit the District 90 What’s On site.