Hybrid Meetings

A Toastmasters club provides its members with a safe and supportive environment to become better communicators, leaders, and public speakers. For many, their club gives them a sense of belonging. In light of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many clubs are no longer able to meet in person and are now meeting online to protect the safety and well-being of its members.

By transitioning to online meetings, clubs allow their members to continue pursuing their goals and provide human interaction that they might not otherwise get. While many aspects of personal and professional lives have been disrupted, we hope Toastmasters clubs can meet online and provide a sense of normalcy to our members.

Should your club feel the need to allow online attendance as a temporary measure, a club membership vote will need to be conducted. When the club no longer needs to allow online attendance, the club members will vote again to remove this option from their Addendum of Standard Club Options. The club may only allow online attendance for as long as their Addendum of Standard Club Options indicates this is in effect for the club.

To help clubs who have struggled to adapt to online meetings, we have created several helpful resources, which can be found below. We also encourage club officers to share their success stories and help clubs in their area who might need it.

Online Meeting Tips for Club Officers

Follow these tips to lead successful online meetings.

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Timer Zoom Backgrounds

When you are the Timer for an online club meeting, switch between these backgrounds to indicate how much time the speaker has remaining!

Download backgrounds

Core Values Zoom Backgrounds

Use a background featuring Toastmasters’ Core Values during your online meeting to show your Toastmasters spirit!

Download backgrounds

Customisable Club Banner Zoom Background

This Zoom background is designed to look like a club banner. Add your club name, number, and location to this customizable background to show off your club pride during online or hybrid meetings! 

Download Graphic File

Customisable Club Best… Certificates

Use these certificates to display a certificate for your Best Speaker or Best Evaluator, etc, in your online meeting.

Clicking on the link will make you save a copy of the file to Google Drive.

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Successfully Filling Online Meeting Roles

Meeting roles are at the heart of every Toastmasters meeting. When filling these roles during an online meeting, you may have to make some adjustments. In this video, you will find tips to successfully fill meeting roles during an online meeting.

7 Tips for Attending Online Meetings

As online meetings grow in popularity, there are challenges to adjust to compared to in-person meetings. Find seven tips that will help you become a better attendee at your next online meeting!

Create hybrid Toastmasters Zoom meeting using low-tech equipment and free software

This video explains how to use multiple smartphones as webcams and to use available tools and free software and apps to create a high-quality hybrid meeting where some attendees meet at a physical location while the rest join the meeting online.

Iriun software and apps for converting smartphone as webcam

Video instructions to connect smartphone as webcam

RODE wireless GO (microphone)

DUC Toastmasters – Demo Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid meeting using high-quality video conferencing setup Equipment used:

    • CISCO MX700 – Dual display system with sound system
    • SONY A6500 – Main camera for speaker
    • RODE WIRELESS GO – Microphone
    • SAMSUNG S20 Ultra – Connected to the meeting without audio to provide audience view

How to Deliver Effective Online Presentation in ZOOM (The Tools and Technology)

This is an edited version of a workshop I delivered to my club (Capitol Speakers) on effective online presentations in ZOOM. To conduct similar workshops, reach out to me at cajeb@gmail.com

This workshops covers: