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The District 90 website is hosted on a website server with email support. The email arrangement enables us to set up many email addresses using our domain name that can be auto-forwarded to one or more individual addresses. Our server also has a software program called Mailman that provides us with mailing list facilities. The set-up of these addresses and mailing lists is controlled by the District’s Postmaster who can be contacted through

Set up your District email address

D90 General Email Setup Guide

Standard email setup guide

D90 Gmail Setup Guide

Gmail specific setup guide

Finance Claims

Claims FAQs


What to claim as Area Director

District will reimburse many expenses. See what you can claim as Area Director.

What to claim as Division Director

District will reimburse many expenses. See what you can claim as Division Director.

Claim Form

District 90 expenses claim form

Travel Expenses Claim Form

District 90 travel expenses claim form


There may be times when you will have to deal with violations of our Bylaws, Policies, and Protocols.

This reference guide assists with handling reported potential policy violations discreetly and promptly. It covers the most common questions with regards to the club, District, and international levels.

Excerpts from the governing documents are referenced throughout this reference guide. For further information and clarification, please regard the governing documents at as the ultimate source of authority.

Resources specific to Area Directors

Resources specific to Division Directors