Club Success Plan

The Club Executive Committee—which includes all seven officers and the Immediate Past President—develops a Club Success Plan based on the needs and goals of club members. First, club officers determine how they will communicate, address conflict, and hold themselves  accountable. Secondly, club officers evaluate current situations, establish specific goals, and develop strategies that can be used to achieve success. To help club officers in that effort, the plan identifies helpful resources that can be used. Finally, the plan calls for club officers to identify assignments, develop a timetable, and track accomplishments.

Earning recognition for a club is not something anyone accomplishes alone. It takes a team of people who are dedicated to a common goal, have a plan, and execute it well. They share responsibility for their tasks and depend on one another to achieve them. These teams do not only include club officers; clubs may also form other committees to help carry out specific aspects of the Club Success Plan.

The Club Executive Committee determines what the club will accomplish this year and in years to come. The vision should be both attainable and inspiring so that other club members are motivated to get involved and help the committee’s efforts.

Once the vision is recorded, club officers determine who will take which roles and the responsibilities of each member. Are the skills and talents of some members a great fit for certain tasks? By assessing questions like these, club officers can assign tasks to the best-suited members.

The Club Success Plan includes all elements necessary to achieve your club’s goals: what, how, who, and when. Determining in advance what should be done, when and how it will be accomplished, and who is responsible for doing it, makes achieving success much easier. To that end, the Club Executive Committee should begin the term with the following agenda:

    1. Set specific goals.
    2. Establish strategies to achieve the goals.
    3. Develop a framework to help carry out the plan and produce results.

Club officers review online reports and meet regularly to evaluate progress in the Club Success Plan; they then make adjustments as needed. The Club Success Plan can be uploaded in Club Central so that all of the officers can access it at any time. Good communication among the Club Executive Committee is important. Club officers should follow up as often as necessary and offer assistance to resolve any conflicts and challenges that arise.

In order to reach goals outside the scope of one year, outgoing club officers should upload the Club Success Plan in Club Central so that it can be shared with incoming officers toward year-end. This way, each new team of club officers can build on the successes achieved in preceding terms.

Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan

How to be a Distinguished Club

Why do we need to plan?

    • Know what to do
    • Know how to achieve your target
    • Know when it needs to be done
    • Plan early, do it and adjust your plan

What to plan, as examples:

    • Contests
    • Membership growth
    • Educational goals
    • Promotional campaign
    • Club meetings, events, celebrations, dates, etc.

Club Success Plan

A goal without a plan is just a dream. The goal of any Toastmasters club is to have a happy, healthy, vibrant club. But without a Club Success Plan, that goal is just a dream.

The Club Success Plan (CSP) is a planning document for defining the goals of a club. It serves as a road map that helps the club reach its goals towards success and assists members in defining their personal development goals. Club officers and members should create a CSP during the club year to help them achieve both of these goals.

If your club has never done a CSP, or hasn’t done one in a while, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of putting one together. But, as usual, Toastmasters has some resources for you to use.